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Mine is similar to the others on this site, but alot quicker, so here you go...

What you need-> Hydrogen Peroxide(drugstore kind in brown bottle) and baking soda

Fill the lid of the peroxide bottle about 1/2 way full with BAKING SODA. Then fill the remainder of the lid with the peroxide but not all the way to the rim(so it doesn't spill out), then stir the mixture with the opposite tip of your toothbrush. This will create a paste you can use to brush your teeth with. For best result let the paste sit for about 2 minutes so it can thicken up. After brushing, quickly rinse your entire mouth out with luke warm water thoroughly. Be careful when brushing your teeth not to get excess mixture on your lips/tongue/gums because yes it will tingle and turn your gums light pink/white, if you do, dont worry, it usually goes away before noon if you do it in the morning. I do this every other day and it PRODUCES IMMEDIATE RESULTS- i love it, thats why im reccomending it, and its basically free compared to the $100 professional bleach they will use on you at the dental office, and alot healthier for your teeth, i would imagine.

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I tried it!! ThankSs soo muchh it really workSss!!!

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