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I actually had a tweaked neck from some serious MMA training. And my RLS hit me like a ton of bricks!! I went to a Chiro and Accupunture and it worked wonders!

Before that, NO meds worked but Tramadol. All other meds they prescribed me didnt do anything for me.

So i just stopped ALL meds. Everytime i was woken up by it, id bang out 50 squats and jump straight to bed and id be out for the night.

This was a few months ago and ive been good so far! :) I mean every now and then id feel the sensation come.. and IGNORING it really helps, but if i cant, i usually take 2 tramadols and it goes away.

GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY! We all know how horrible this feels!

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I have had a hard time with RLS. Finally, I looked online and someone said they used Tramadol and I remembered I had some and used it. It worked wonders. Good luck to all. Call your doctor and have Tramadol ready. It is really cheap even without insurance and really worth it.

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