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If you think you are suspected with Hives, Go and see the doctor, take your blood test to see whether you are infected with H.pylori . this bacteria could be one of the problem for hives to appear. I had Hives for 3 months i didnt have a clue of what cause it. i tried many remedies. Took Blood test and saw the results infected with H.Pylori. went for 7 days treatment. within the 5th day the hives began to dissapear. And now i dont have it anymore. Hope this works for you.

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Did they give u a steriod injection ( cortizone ) for the treatment of Hives ! if yes..did it work ?


I have had. Hives now since August, it is November now, I have had lots of blood test, everythg keeps coming back normal, they are living my life foe me and have taken over, I have awoke this morning to swollen lips face, I refuse to go outside.... the come up each night whle I sleep and stay al day, start to go away and new ones appea, its so crazzzy... doctors can't figure out what's going on and have shifted me to the side I feel.... what. Shall I do, iam living with a monster and I can't go on another day....hopeless hives

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