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I had an aura before a migraine and also rapid heart beat with vision loss. After entering the hospital a nurse came to me and said if I could, go to a neuromuscular therapist. I found one in Madison, WI. She did some manipulations of the muscles in my neck and then pulled my hair in the places where the pain was, this helped at that time, but today that did not work when I pulled my own hair. She had another idea that the Viet Nam people use and it is by pressing a muscle in the anus-I have not gone back for a try at that remedy. But, it is not out of the question.

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Neck is the place where it all starts or a place from where it can be controlled, it is like tail of monster... You need not to goto anus.. Coz problem is in wiring not in the switch(brain,anus etc.) please read/ learn 'Sudarahan Kriya' or similar pranayama from an expert... Happy Health

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