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Hey everyone! I'm 13 and have horrible strath marks on my lower stomach and hips. I just started using Vix Vapor Rub on my strath marks and it works great! I'm already seeing improvement!

So just take a rag and put it in hot water. (or warm if u really can't handle the heat!) Then ring the water out but make sure there is still some water in the rag. Lastly, dip the rag in the Vix Vapor Rub and roughly rub it into the stretch marks! Now when I say roughly I mean with a decent amount of pressure so don't be too light but don't be too rough. Anyway hope it works well for you too! :)

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I tried this, and it made my stretch marks WAY WORSE! >:(


How long will this take to help them clear up? Like since it worked for you. Everyones different though..


Try Shea butter! found some great organic stuff at won't happen over night but if you use it daily they will fade!


ok i had horrible stretch marks. i used vix vapor rub first like rubed it in alot. then i made up a lil mixture that worked great. my stretch marks are gone. Just in one time. OK the mixture you need a bottle of lotion vititam c tablets bakeing soda and aloe. Crush the vitiam c tabletys 8 of them then put them in a medium size bowl NOT SMALL then put the baking soda in with the vititam c. put around a 1/4 of a cup aloe in with the baking soda and c. It should fizz thats why its a medium size bowl. then put the mixture in with the lotion shake then apply to the area with the stretch marks and vix. it worked great for me

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