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leah RN

For a mild case of baby thrush. Microwave to a boil 1 cup of water, let cool to room temp. Add half a table spoon of arm and hammer baking soda , stir. You will need about 5 cotton swabs for each application. Swab the inner lips,inside cheeks,upper roof of mouth and lastly tongue. Swab mommys nipples lightly and make sure nipples get dry after applying, before putting on bra. Do this 4-5 times a day. Thrush will minimize in as little as 1 day of perfect use. Make sure u use a fresh cotton swab tip for each and every application, try sit baby up so baby doesn't swallow excess liquid, store liquid room temp, keep sealed, discard next day make fresh batch everyday, apply for one medical attention if condition persists baby and mommy may need antibiotics for yeast infection. Only use for mild thrush, a well along infection needs to be treated ad soon as possible to prevent severe pain and complications for baby. Don't worry thrush is not a rare condition amongst newborns. Best of luck.

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antibiotics can worsen a case of yeast overgrowth; it kills bad as well as good bacteria that keep the yeast in check. more likely an antifungal is needed.


Antibiotics can actually activate a yeast infection or worsen. I would start mom on a good probiotic, mom will pass this through breast milk to baby. Please check with your naturopath to verify. This should be done for a period of a minimum of a month, then follow up with a lower maintenance dose. Antibiotics can lower mom and baby's resistance to fighting off a bigger issue in the future. Like I said please get a natural health opinion

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