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I read on here that someone had used it and it worked, and I still had some from when I was breastfeeding.. so that night I gave my 3month old a bath, dried her bum then applied the LANSINOH cream heavily to her blistering, inflammed diaper rash. Within 24 hours it was completely gone! I have been able to just use baby powder now, and if I notice a rash coming on I just apply it and VOLA, its gone!

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Thank You!! I will try this tonight! My poor baby has been crying all day and wont even go #2 because her bum is in so much pain! I really really hope it works!


Does it have to be the cream? All I have is ointment. Do you think it will do the same?

Thanks so much


I got the same idea a long time ago after someone told me to use bag balm.. i figured well it's gotta be made out of some of the same ingrediants xD it works really well! I have used this on both of my babies and it has worked like a charm every time.. my oldest actually went through 3 different types of prescription creams which honestly i don't think made any difference at all before i tried this and this worked!


Please stop using baby powder in diapers for your little girl. Talc is a carcinogen.

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