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My mini pin had some mange on his face. I washed him with organic tea tree shampoo (the human kind), then put some aqueous tea tree antiseptic oil mixture directly on the affected area everyday for three days. I could see the difference after one day. It was completely gone after a week and now, two months later, there's been no sign of it.

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I'm gonna try the tea tree this time. I have a blue nose pit and last time she got mange the medicine that was proscribed to here nearly took her life, so I'd rather stick to earth bound remedies.


With the tea tree oil, did you put it on for a certain amount of time then wash off or just leave it on?


I have a min pin and recently dicovered he had a small case of mang on his leg. I have Tea tree shampoo (not organic) I wonder will it do the trick, and do I need the antispectic spray or will the shampoo be just fine


I would investigate the use of Tea Tree oil on dogs... I was informed by my vet it is toxic to dogs...


I have had some bad luck with my dog. He was diagnosed with Mange after a month of adopting him. He is now dealing with it for almost 7 months. We have been to weekly vet appointments who had given the necessary shots and now he is on a home medication orally because the shots stopped working. He has now lost all of his hair and does not stop itching. I rarely take him out because I am afraid he will get an infection. I am at a loss for my 9 month old pup and feel horrible for him. Does anyone have any suggesstions?


Please realize vets/doctors are not educated about natural remedies. They are taught that they are either worthless or dangerous. (since pharma. can't make money on it)
They may sincerely believe what they tell you but they are misinformed by those with a greedy agenda, don't take their counsel as absolute truth.
Incidentally many essential oils are toxic ~when taken internally/eaten~ so you could easily find it referred to as such.
Tea tree oil is absorbed almost instantly through tissue taking its antiseptic qualities to the source of a problem it is used in oral applications as well as wound/sore care, works wonders and has been used for centuries in Australia.


So what was the tea tree oil mixed with?

For instance I see one that is mixed with almond oil, jojoba oil, calendula, lavender and some others.


Tea Tree Oil is toxic to small carnivores, please do not use it on dogs or cats. The phenols in it can kill a cat and temporarily paralyze a dog. Just because it is natural doesn't mean it's safe. It is safe for humans and horses.

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