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I was diagnosed in June of this year, and I was only 19. It was the most horrible experience, and I thought my life was over. I just recently turned 20 and i forget that I have it, anymore. I went to the doctor, got tested and was put on medicine that will change your perspective about having hsv. I'm on valtrex and lysine and I haven't had an outbreak since. Don't be ashamed because you have it, I'm young and I PROMISE it gets better. Get yourself checked out and taken care of instead of the dangerous home remedies that can help for a day. Keep your head up guys:)

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i am also 19 and i just found out i have genital herps. i am on valtrex but it does nothing for pain what else do you consider


-I'm only 24, I had my first ob July of this year. I was perscribed Valtrex & I started taking 3,000 mg of lysine daily until my ob was gone. The only thing that seemed to manage the pain was this: TUCK Pads + IB 800 + Loose Clothing. Go to walgreens & look in the first aide section. They are for hemroids. But they cool, moist, & sanitary. The active ingredient is witchazel and its very soothing BUT its not an oil its actually an astrigent so it's still drying up the sores. The doc will tell you to stay away from oils & oitments- they may make it 'feel better' but in reality teatree 'oil' is only making it worse. My suggestive routine: take a quick shower (don't soak the area or prolong- you want to scab up a.s.a.p), wash the area (softly) and pat dry w/ a clean towel. Make sure that area is completely dry! Then grab a pair of 100% cotton comfortable undies and lay 1-2 tuck pads on the bottom. And wear loose clothes dresses/baskeball shorts. Then take IB. I hope this helps- good luck.


-btw, tuck pads were suggested to me by an actual certified doctor/midwife to help w/ the painful sores. The doctors suggest them also to women after giving birth to help w/ pain down there from sutures & etc...


For pain, I was given tramadol. I still haven't had an outbreak since June. I'm still on Valtrex and I take a 1000 MG pill of lysine a day. Another thing ill recommend is to air it out as much as you can. If you stay dry, your ob won't last as long.

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