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has anyone ever tried hydrogen peroxide? i've had a plantar wart under my big toe for almost three years. tried the acv numerous times, kept it up for two months at one point but never went away...just had an achy smelly foot.

gave up the beggining of this year and just taped it up with athletic tape or green painters tape. then around june i re-called reading health articles about hydrogen peroxide and the benefits to the body and fighting diseases. i thought might as well give it a try. same procedure as the acv, get a cotton ball, soak it with hydrogen peroxide and tape it over the wart. sometimes i changed it once a day and if i remembered twice a day. sometimes i forgot and changed once every 2-3days. i never really looked at the wart when putting on a new cotton ball w/hydrogen peroxide but two weeks later i noticed new skin growth and the top part of the wart that was all calloused was gone. kept it up a little more and sometimes regular vinegar to change things up and now i'm completly wart free. i even had a satelite wart under my fourth toe that was all hard and calloused and that completly disapered.

it's like they just dissolved. now i picked two or three tiny satelite warts and i found those black pulp things that people mentioned so i thought my big wart should have a huge one. but when feel where the wart was it's like touching regular skin, same as the spot under my fourth toe. another factor i think that might have helped was that i started drinking veg and fruit smoothies twice a day everyday. maybe all the fresh vitamins and minerals helped kill the wart?

anyways, hope this helps and try different things, something will work get rid of those little buggers.

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it didn't hurt, never even noticed it actually. the acv hurt. i have high pain tolerance and i kept it up for as long i could, lot of days i was hobbling cos the pain in my toe.

still wart free. i check my feet every now and then and i still can't believe it.

use what works best for you, seems like lot of people have different reactions to things.

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