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Syed Ahmed

Drink Sunkiss or Fanta when you are bit hungry and do not eat any think for half an hour. Itis very effective for nasal congestion

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You guys are hoorible, you really have nothing better to do then troll on someones post who is just trying to help people with congestion. Hey guess what you guys are all Cyber-Bully's with no life!


Lol...come on, that is kind of funny. :)


It is also good for your diabetes...


sugary drinks causes more problems then sparkling water. Look it it you dumbass.


To everyone who read the comment about Sunkist helping your nasal congestion.
Look, I'm not trying to be ugly, I'm just saying, if you really think Sunkist is going to clear you up, maybe you should try to stand on your head and spank your naked bottom and drink Sunkist every four hours until it hurts and then if the swelling doesn't go down, immediately seek treatment from your local doctor!!

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