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The Red Cross Toothache kit works!!! Just came back from Walgreens after suffering with a terrible dry socket. The tooth was removed 3 days ago and i've been in agony for the last 8 hours. After reviewing all the comments i jumped in the car. I feel better already. Thank God for this website!

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Tnk 4eva

I agree the red cross kit is a life safer. Its amazing and u get almost instant releief. I was in agony for two days, I was takin vicodin but nothing helped. Finally read about the tooth kit.... Now I can sleep and move around without my whole head throbbin. Thnks to all who recommended it.


I am in such horrible pain with my dry socket, that my son checked this site to help me. I read all your comments and he jumped in the car to buy the kit. Thank you so much, I will use it right away!!


Thank you all for the recommendation. My husband has been suffering terribly with dry socket for the last few days and even prescription painkillers haven't helped. I ran out and got the Red Cross toothache kit for him, and he finally has relief. Bless you all.

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