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On a friend's advice, I tried alcohol. Lots of it. It did relieve the itching, but I had trouble getting used to the hangovers.

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God I love it,, may have to try it!!!! lololol


you had me for a moment, i'm still laughing, thanks!


That's awesome! hahahahah i have a horrible case of chiggers right now, but work in the icu of a hospital, so i may not be able to use your remedy... thanks for the laugh anyways!! :)


lmao that was to funny, took me just a second to get that one to, thanks for the laugh


I am so miserable with the dang bites! Thank you so much I am laughing so hard I don't have time to notice the itching!


thanks for the advice, love it!!


That's hilarious lmao!!!! You're so funny you took away my misery from scratching for a minute, thank you lol!

Itchy One

Tequila works best! ;)

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