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In order to keep healthy, one must keep consistent with eating healthy, drinking water and lots of sleep. You might hear lots of remedies using toothpaste, lemon juice, etc. CONSISTENCY is the best. First thing is first, 8 hours of sleep a day. They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. Drink a lot of water, ALOT. Not a puny 2 glasses, more like 8 glasses. Doesn't matter if you pee alot. It's just a process that will take the toxins out of the body. It's refreshing, trust me. Exercise. Keep to the daily ritual of washing your face everyday and do not sleep with your make-up on! Next is to exfoliate, twice a week. Oh and if you are using a creme with Benzyol Peroxide or Salycic Acid then try to use it once in a while. Use a moisturizer. Healing takes don't expect immediate results tomorrow. But you will have immediate results next week and the week after, and soon enough you'll be sporting a beautiful face. Good luck out there!

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You couldn't be more right!


yes, that is overALL good, but not really for acne. im not trying to be promotional, but proactive solution really worked for me. i read the booklet. washing ur face, scrubbing it, it doesnt do anything. it really works. i stopped using it for one week and it came back, but i started again and they went away again! it reallly works! try it


any ideas on blemishes? i get pimples every now and then and it leaves i have a lot of blemish marks on my face. any idea??


proactive doesn't work for everyone. I tried it and it did not work. It made my face worse. I believe natural remedies are the best way to cure acne.


This one is better than some perscriptions. Proactive didn't work for me either. It made my face very dry, and worse than before. I thought it was just a starting effect, but the more I used it, the worse it seemed to be.


You must not really have bad acne. I get lots of sleep, drink plenty of water, exercise, eat healthily, take care of my skin, have been using Benzyol Peroxide and Salycic Acid since I was 14 and 12 years later I still have plenty of acne. It's often a hereditary and hormonal condition that you can't just wish away with healthy habits. Your advice stinks.


rub lots of semen on your works


Seriously that really is the best are so right its not even funny. That made my day.


A doctor couldn't put it better!


That's one thing that I hate. It's when someone with only slight acne or no problem at all thinking that people with bad acne are just lazy, dirty, unhealthy people. I get my sleep, drink my water, get my exersize, and use all the facial products that I are recommended. Nothing works!

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