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Ive had a terrible tooth ache for the last month. It feels like a tractor has been parked on my tooth, & it makes me cry, cant sleep, mouths swollen, no cavities or anything. & ive been to the dentist, he didnt see anything wrong. Mom wanted to take me to the ER & i said NO! So i got on here as a last resort since ive been here before.
I've tried the tea bag, clove/cooking oil, baking soda & vinegar, alcohol, ive taken a million different kinds of pills, & nothing has helped ! So tonight, when my tooth began hurting again (& its been hurting the last week the worse its ever hurt.) as its 10:36 at night & i have to wake up at 4am tomorrow morning i need a QUICK FIX!!
Once again I took 2 aspirins at about 7pm, then an hour ago i took 2 aleve tablets, still no relief! Ive tried the tea bag & hot compress, with NO relief.
this is what ive done to help, not eliminate, but ease the pain...
1.) take a cotton swab, soak it in clove / cooking oil.. brand doesnt matter.. & place that on your tooth or hurting area for 5 minutes.
2.) heat a wash cloth for 30 seconds in microwave
3.) while that ^ is heating up , take vinegar & gargle it for around 10 seconds, taste HORRIBLE ! I know & im sorry !
4.) place washcloth on side of hurting mouth .
5.) keep ^ there for ten minutes
.. this has eased my pain from a 100000000000 on a scale to about a 20 , MAJOR IMPROVEMENT ! i hope this helps, if it doesnt im so sorry!!


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SOOOOO good to see our fellow humanoids so readily respond to someone in real pain.
THANX for the restoration of faith.

Would that this could be a carry over in all walks of life---

esp in W.D.C. !!


thanks so much i did the vanilla extraact first it didnt work and finally the vinegar did


ha vanilla extract really helped,I was skeptical about it but thought for $4.00
It will be worth a shot,wow!It actually worked,do really try this!


Yessss it work. Thank u.


Just be aware that with using a hot cloth on the side of the mouth where the pain is is very dangerous. If by chance the tooth is absessed or there is any kind of infection in the tooth or jaw the heat from the cloth can very likely draw it out thru the cheek and cause major major long term problems , including a hole in the cheek from the infection. BEWARE using this method. Sorry I know it sucks cuz the heat definately helps the pain but is it worth that in the long run.

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