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Its nasty, but pee on your feet in the shower. it works every time i get it. i usually only get athletes feet every few months or so. but when i start to get signs of it, i just pee on my feet. works great.

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It sounds a little crazy, but it works.


Ok, so what is in the urine that cures he Athletes Foot? I have recurring inflammation of A.F. and I need to get cured without developing a habit that will have my wife kick me out of the house :)

Case study

Peeing on your foot does NOT work!


Yes, it's correct - it does work. Urine contains high levels of ammonia - the same active ingredient in bleach. So bleach will work, too, but where's the fun in that? Seriously, though, it's an option when you're somewhere where a jug of bleach is inaccessible - camping, say - and urine is in good supply!


Whoever tried to explain how this works needs to read some more before opening his/her mouth. Urine does contain some amounts of ammonia, NH4 but this is NOT the same or even close to what is in bleach. Bleach is a chlorine based product, Cl, remember that yellow poisonous gas? Its dissolved in water in a salt form in bleach. Mixing ammonia and bleach will get you sick or severely injured or worse... Ammonia bonds to the other compounds in bleach and releases the elemental chlorine as a gas. Enough exposure to this WILL kill you and it hurts like hell.


That is just sick! Just go to the Doc!


Your pee contains ammonia, but if ammonia and bleach mix, you die. It forms a deadly gas. Get your chemistry right.

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