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Try MSM. Depression runs in my Family and along with it I get panic attacks and just the feeling of being so weak minded at times. Like I can't control my thoughts. Just awful!! I started taking MSM and those panic attacks are gone. Make sure to get optiMSM as that is the Pure MSM. My bottle was 12.00 for 200 Caplets of 1000 mg each. I take 4 a day and they say you can take more. A friend of mine takes 6 Capsules a day and plays golf all the time, always has energy, never gets depressed, no more COPD symptoms, doesn't ever get sick and it cured her Allergies!!! She has more energy than I do and is always on the go. She is 71 years old. I LOVE this stuff!!! (Takes a few weeks to start working full speed).

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What is msm and where do you find it??


With all due respect, have you ever tried doing an internet search? Try using google, and type in 'MSM' and / or sulphur? You'll turn up many sites that talk about it.


No wonder you have issues your a jerk.


This sounds like a sales hype for a particular brand of MSM. There are NO studies indicating that MSM has ANY positive effects on depression or anxiety. Research done on MSM show that it has some moderate positive effect on certain forms of arthritis - and possibly some mild positive effects on certain types of hay fever. Yet checking the Internet shows MSM distributors claiming its positive use in dozens, if not scores, of ailments (though even then I never found Depression or Anxiety - just 'mood improvement' at only a couple sites). Also, especially in larger amounts - or more than 3 months, MSM has known side effects (nausea, headaches, the runs, etc , etc. - check WebMD). Save your money from this hype and Google legit effects of amino acids Lysine & Arginine, Passionflower extract, moderate dose Kava, etc. IMHO


Wow, what the hell is wrong with you people?? She makes a post about what is wrong with her, and you all jump her ass! Disgusting!

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