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I have been so worried about a plane trip for 9 hours coming up, the thought of my legs driving me insane in such a confined space, so i have been trying everything other than traditional medication, as i already have low blood pressure and 1 of the side effcts of the meds available is that it lowers bp. the best relief i have had is from odourless heat pads, they are amazing. They take about half an hour to work but the relief is 100% and they work for 8 hours. I am also skeptically seeing a chiro and apparently my pelvis is out of alignment, so he adjusted it, that was 2 days ago and to my surprise my rls has disappeared, which is very unusual for me as i rarely have a night rls free. would love to hear of other people who have taken the chiropractic path to hear of their results. This condition can be so life disrupting with regards to sleep deprivation, travel,and general wellbeing, it is a shame there is not much information available, nor is it well known, yet so common across all ages.

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RLS Sucks

I actually had a tweaked neck from some serious MMA training. And my RLS hit me like a ton of bricks!! I went to a Chiro and Accupunture and it worked wonders!

Before that, NO meds worked but Tramadol. All other meds they prescribed me didnt do anything for me.

So i just stopped ALL meds. Everytime i was woken up by it, id bang out 50 squats and jump straight to bed and id be out for the night.


I am no longer worried about my plane trip, after 2 visits to the chiro, its GONE, omg, after 20 years something so simple. Thanks to my list of remedies from this site i worked through, i found my cure. Hopefully this will work for others. My sleep is better, i am not grumpy and tired all of the time, i was unaware of to what extent it was affecting me.YAY

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