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I got this remedy for bruises from my grandma. :)
So, when I get a bruise, I just mix some hot water (not too hot) with alot of salt in a small bowl and mix it until the salt has dissolved a bit.
Then, I dip a cotton ball in the salt water and dab it on my bruise and let it dry.
Use this as often as you can throughout the day (I like to use it at night, too)
P.S. Don't use this remedy if you have an open cut on/near your bruise. It'll sting ALOT!!
Hope this helps! <3

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Belinda Chinea.

Yes, our Grandma's were the real deal, huh, (lol) This 'water and salt trick' is actually used today under the name of: Saline solution, salt and water (distilled water?)and is a standard irrigation method in prescriptions for wounds and such.


I knew this trick from my grandmother too! :)

sunkissed meechel

I actually learned this from my grandma too!

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