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Initially a multivitamin with B complex vitamins helped but the symptoms came back after I went on vacation and could not sleep well and had icecream, dessert pies etc. It really got aggravated after I had pasta. This gave me a clue that I needed to stop all sweets and grains even fruits to stop yeast overgrowth in case it were an yeast infection. Also I needed to increase the population of good bacteria. I stopped eating all grains, fruits and sweets. I started taking an organic whole milk yogurt at least twice a day. I started taking unpasteurized sauerkraut once or twice a day, and miso soup once a day. I continued the multivitamin. Bingo! My lips have recovered. No cracking of the corners or drying any more. I have now reintroduced apple, banana and some mango to my food. I also have started taking small amount of brown rice. I used to eat steel cut oates for breakfast everyday. I stopped that incase it is some kind of allergy. I have been fine with no symptoms. I never had angular chelitis in the past and the condition suddenly developed 3-4 months ago. Interestingly my mother who was visiting me here (Eastern USA) also developed angular chelitis which she never had before. She was eating what we were eating oats, in general so called healthy loe fat food and lot of fruits, no meat and fish occassionally. Her lip problems went away after she returned to her home country. She has been well for almost a year. This made me think it could be some allergic reaction, depletion of good gut bacteria and defficiency of vitamin B as a result of that. Any way one should focus of improving the gut flora with foods containing live culture, avoid sweets/grains for a while to prevent yeast from thriving and take a vitamin B complex. On the exterior keep the area clean with water, dry then use a lip balm. I had used Burt's Bees lip balm with mango butter.

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