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Just wanted to say this site is the best I've been down for a month stressing over this issue and tried the ACV first time last night and according to the post history its gonna work. Thank you for sharing everyone.

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i tried it for the first time yesterday was fine been applying with cotton tips every couple of hourse today and just now OUCH. blooody hurts hope its working. how is yours?

feeling better

Yea it will hurt you just gotta suck it up and be brave :) with mine I had different results for different warts all good though some like whent grey black and dissolved and fell off whilst others whent bright red but scabbed over after and when the scab came off the wart was much smaller I got rid of a cluster and left the rest just for a week of no pain haha gotta get back on that acv now tho I gett my bf to help me tape acv soaked buds onto some patches it is working!

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