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My grandmothers remedy, its pretty simple, just put a penny in a plastic zip lock bag of water and hang it on the wall, outside or where ever the problem occurs, it seems to work out well for my family.

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just curious... leaving a bag of water outside might get rid of flies, but wouldn't it be a great breeding ground for mosquitos? Flies are annoying, but i'd rather deal with them than provide housing for those blood suckers


Your grandma is bat shit crazy. don't waste your time people.


Water bag does not sun light on back porch.....will try the other one


Had no luck either. They were landing on the bag even. But my friends swear by it and I've seen it work at their houses so I'm not sure what to think.


I believe the idea is to hang it in a sunny spot and the shine from the penny in the water drives off the flies,heard of it but haven't tried it


Did not work

Amanda M.

Copper is a natural herbicide, it's one chemical that organic farmers are permitted to spray on their crops. I bet that it's not the light reflecting off the water that this grandmother uses the penny, I bet it's the copper getting into the water that poisons the flies. These days pennies have hardly any copper in them, so I'm going to try this with multiple pennies or any old pennies I can find so I actually get some copper in my fly water. Flies gotta drink, too!


I tried this...IT DON'T WORK....I'll stick to the fly swatter first..?

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