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My grandmothers remedy, its pretty simple, just put a penny in a plastic zip lock bag of water and hang it on the wall, outside or where ever the problem occurs, it seems to work out well for my family.

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Doesn't work at all thank you myth busters

Dazzle biggie

Ok first you need a cup not zip bag thing a clear cup of water throw penny to the bottom of cup and let the cup sit for two weeks and you will have a cup full of flys and roaches that you can feed lickers with that's my bearded dragon hop it works for you as we'll as it did for me chow


This is an age old remedy, used throughout Mexico and South America, and it works. At the entrance of every outdoor restaurant, you'll see hanging baggies of water - no need for a penny - and it creates an invisible fence that keeps the flies out. The reason this works is that the light shining through the water confuses their complex eyes. This an excellent remedy and works.


This does not work.

Works, worksn works....Closed Ziplock bag with old wheat copper penny in the water (not a penny with Lincoln memorial bldg on the back. ) hang two or three in several spots outside by doorway on the awninging or overhang. The copper penny prevents the water from building algea. The sunlight and lights that shine into and through the water make many mini, tiny prisyms. They reflect into the multifaceted eyebalks of the fly and warting them from that prisym lit area. Use more than one..... for more than a week....then comment.

Some outdoor patio eateries and restuarants use them. No fly zone....... lol.

Works, worksn works


For those saying that it doesn't work: Are you hanging them in an area where the sun will hit them? I have not tried this but if the way it disperses light is what confuses the flies, it stands to reason that if placed in the shade you may not get the desired result.


Tried this and it DOES NOT WORK!


I have had 3 bags, glistening in the sunshine for 3 weeks and here I am looking for more natural fly remedies... does not work. Period.


Instructions not clear. Dick got stuck in bag.

Dragon Hawk

nope, doesn't work

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