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My grandmothers remedy, its pretty simple, just put a penny in a plastic zip lock bag of water and hang it on the wall, outside or where ever the problem occurs, it seems to work out well for my family.

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Do you leave the bag open or closed?


tried it -did not work at all!!!!


Absolutely 100% works and I was a skeptic!


Old English or US Penny?


Yea old penny or new ..Got one up none the less..If it works will post back and buy the person a beer too !!


Not a fan...


How does this work...does the fly see the penny and flies into the bag and drown? will rate this in a day or two.


It works! I did it with only water, no coin, and it worked well


I put 4 on my front porch for over 2 months.
Dose not work at my house.


Flies saw the bag , flew by it , looked at me and gave me the finger while inviting his other fly friends to coral around the bag and proceeded to laugh so hard!!! DOESNT WORK !

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