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As a child I was always taught that the easiest way to take care of a bee sting is too (and this is nasty yes but it works) add a little water or saliva (whichever you have on hand) to cigarette or chewing tobacco and apply it to the sting, it relieves the pain and truly does work, I know this from my experiences as a kid, I drank a bee once and I had no choice but to use my mothers cigarette tobacco, it wasnt a pleasant experience at all but it did work well.

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i got stung by a yellow jacket... it didnt leave behind a stinger but i put tobacco on the sting (advice frm a stranger) and not only did the swelling go down but it relieved alot of pain too.... i was a skeptic but it really works


I too grew up using wet tobacco on Bee, Wasp, and even Scorpion Stings. Works in under 1 minute and neutralizes the venom fast. Big Pharma cant copy that!


I have used wet tobacco for bee stings all my life. Last night my son was stung by a scorpion, I tried tobacco and it took the major pain away. It really does work well.


I just got stung this morning, never heard of this before, tried it and worked like a charm. Very happy.

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