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So tonight was my first night in years with symptoms, I am only 17 so as a child i suffered from the symptoms of RLS horribly. As I read through the remedies tonight, from about 3 a.m to about 5 a.m I saw several people suggesting Ben Gay and pain reliever rubs and sprays, I knew that I had some so I tried it, within second, no joke, maybe 3 seconds, the annoyance had vanished. My mother and I both were astonished. I recently broke my hip so I have enough pain and hell to deal with, the RLS just had to go.

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Ben gay is great but there is something better called privic spray that is designed for RLS give it a try its easy to use and works the minute you spray it


i used ben gay 20 yrs ago and it did work. my legs and arms hurt more often and nothing works now. doctor wants me to take pills that pretty much put me out but i won't do that.
so, i just try and live with it


I thought that trying Ben Gay or Vicks Vapor Rub wouldn't hurt, so I tried it a few weeks ago. And I can NOT believe the results! I haven't had any twitchy legs since I began rubbing it in at night. I was a skeptic. Now I'm a believer.

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