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I have been having anxiety and/or panic attacks for a while now. They seem to have started about the time my son was born and I started moving up in the ranks in the military. My son had some medical issues early on that we got through, but it left me so worried all the time. I began to worry about his health all the time, my health and my wifes. I began to worry about 'what if' I lose my job, get arrested, die...etc. What will my family do without my support? Eventually the stress and worrying caught up with me and manifested itself into physical symptoms. I started to clench my jaws, grind my teeth, get dizzy, feel brain fog, and just feel out of it. My blood pressure went up and my heartbeat became very fast. I began to fear visiting the doctor, and was diagnosed with 'white-coat' syndrome. I always felt as if I was losing control, and that life was passing me by. I felt as if I was just watching my life go by and not enjoying it. I covered up most of my symptoms from my family for a long time.

I cured my anxiety by talking it out with myself. Here are some of the things I said:

-You are going to die. It's only a matter of time and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It will happen. You might as well embrace it.
-You are missing your life. You only get one life and it is passing you by. Soon, you will be dead and you will have missed out on everything.
-Nobody gives a s@$t what you are doing, look like, or think. You have to make the impression if you want people to notice you in a positive way.
-Your son is looking up to you. Do you want him to follow your lead and fear everything?
-You are a f@!%ing man. Stand up and fight for your right to live in a positive way. Fight this for your family.

By talking this out with myself, and paying attention to my physical symptoms, I was able to beat it. Before, I just ignored my symptoms and tried to not pay attention to them and hope they would go away. Now, I actively pay attention to my jaws when they clench and relax them. When I feel panicky in a small room with alot of people, I tell myself 'bring it on, I will beat you'. Being able to recognize it and beat it has been the best. I massage my neck, temples, and feet. Hot baths and relaxing music help alot as well. Anything to just unwind and be alone for even a few minutes make the world of difference.

I hope this helps someone else and just know that if I am going through this, anyone can. I am married, have a son, and been traveling the world in the military for the past 13 years. I am extremelly successful in the military, and I am now also happy.

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It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunhisne.


'bring it on, I will beat you'

GOD BLESS YOU, SIR!!! I recently had a panic attack, and it frightened me because I'd never had one before. I feared I was going to have a heart attack, or die, or whatever.

This happened about 5 days ago. The doctor at the hospital gave me some pills, and I've taken 3 of the 20, because I don't want to use drugs as a crutch. I want to beat this thing naturally.

And, your enquoted words at the top were more or less what I have been thinking the past couple of days. I'm going to die somehow. I may as well not let the panic get me down. Live as much as I can.

Regardless, thank your for sharing ALL your words, including mentioning how you beat your attacks. Truly, they have given me joy and hope.

God bless you.


I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for probably 15 years on and off. I used this method to stop my attacks many years ago and even though I had the odd moment of anxiety I was in control. That was until the last few months, they seem to have returned. I need the swift kick up my backside to remind myself that I am a strong person who will not allow my life to be controlled by fear! Thank you for that reminder and the kick, your words were so helpful!


yeah!!!! thats it!! f*** this anxiety inside of me.. this is my life and no one controls it but mE!!!!!


Excellent post.

Tough love - but it woke me up and gave me perspective on things.

Thank you.


This helped me with my anxiety as I read more and more!!! I've had anxiety for a few years now,on and off...I used this method to get past it everytime but recently its come back stonger.I'm thinking due to me just having my daughter a few months ago!!! Realities setting in but You saying you want to set a good example for your boy made me think yeah,Hell yeah I need to be strong for my baby! Thanks for your positivity!!


Thank You! for this.

I have been battleling panic attacks since June 2011. I had never had this problem in my life and now doctors have me on Lexapro 15mg per day. The medicine is making feel ill so I started to take less and less doses of Lexapro until I can safely quit. I'm finally im my final week taking only 2mg and soon will be away from the medicine.

As I'm walking way from the drugs I'm getting some palpitations and anxiousness.

I will use your words to fight this sucker. Bring it ON!


I was having a panic attack when I read this and it made me laugh and realize if I can take my mind off the panic goes away. Thank you

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