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Try having sex. I seem to have gas sneak its way out every time. My poor husband!

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thats effing nasty what is wrong with u

Dutch Oven

You go, Girl! Work that fart out!


He bopped the crap out of you.


OMG - Hahahahahah! This happened to me when pregnant! He didn't care either but I was MORTIFIED!


Totally made my morning. That is so true. Never thought id read it though. Best comment ever.


That is sooo funny. It is true though, my husband was on top and suddenly my legs went up and a fart came out..It stunk gallor and I couldn't help but laugh. Sometimes when your legs are up in the air..your butt just lets all that air out of there. But, I would hate to hear about someone having bad gas and then gets it up the rear and the fart comes out your mouth, what a horrible taste that would be..Yuck!


Lmao classic




So I'm gonna have to deal with this pain until my husband gets home :(

Best post ever btw.

Suresh D

U ppl have any idea through what the gas troblers are going and on top of that u all are laughing Shamelessly.....fuck off

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