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so I live in the woods and dogs love running and playing in the woods .deer ticks are bad and carry Lyme disease.and fleas are major bad ..i use to give the pills from vet but they are I bath them both with a cheap flea soap. first invest in a removeable shower head with a hard massage i use hard setting on my shizshu and just spay her for a good 15 min an the fleas come off in droves then i shampoo an let sit for a few mins then hose her off let her dry. take a pot boil water then turn off heat put a whole sliced lemon in water and cover let sit over night to seep then pour in good spay bottle invest in a flea comb spay everyday and comb fleas hate citrus... do test area first some dogs are allergic to's amazing it works great.for ticks this is a southern hunters secret. take good ole vicks vapor rub and q-tip rub on tick have tweezers give a sec and it will unattach from animal and u just pull off Donot pull a tick off period if it's attached the head will be left embedded in skin an can still cause anemia and death..I was raised by a pest control owner.also methol back rub works too any menthol rub etc... hope it helps everyone

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Fleas are coming off your Shih Tzu in 'droves'??? You are a negligent dog owner...get a clue and take the poor thing to vet for Advantage Multi or something to protect it. What is wrong with you???


whoever the ignorant person is that says this guy is negligent clearly does not pay attention, its a home remedy when u cant afford to purchase flea and tick products from the store or vet this man/woman that posted this remedy is far from negligent,your reading it but not comprehending. think before you comment negatively. im gonna try it, i have 5 dogs and totally cant afford to buy frontline for all of them but however that stuff does work but your talking about 60 bux a month. no vet needed for flea or tick issues unless the animal gets an illness from it.


Most of us were raised to put various topical things such as vapor rub, nail polish, camphor,etc. on a tick to make it let go when in fact that is the most dangerous thing to do. We you put it on the tick the tick has to literally throw-up to let go. This is when the disease enters to body. The approiate thing to do it to hold as close to ticks head and quickly pull the tick off. It is very unlikely that the head will stay in but if it does don't worry. It is just like a splinter. It will fester up in a day and will be easy to remove.


@Dee Dee I also shower my Shih Tzu when fleas are bad it's the only thing that works fast. I don't like chemicals on my dogs for fleas,my vet gave him a comfortas pill and he got so sick he was in the hospital for 4days with IV's. He now has kidney problems and I know it was from that. so I am constantly searching for alternative ways.


Try mixing brewers yeast into the dogs food. 1/2 teaspoon for every 10 pounds. I also wash my dogs in home made shapoo. I take a 32oz bottle. 1 1/2 cups of Aloe Vera Juice. Not the gel not the bottle with clumps of aloe in it. Add 1 1/2 cups of Dr.Bonners Peppermit Soap, 1/2 cup of Coconut Oil, add 30 or 40 drops of each of these essential oils, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Clove, Lemmon, Rosemary and Lemmon Grass. Top off the bottle with either the peppermint soap. SHACK WELL BEFORE USING. Let it sit for 15 min the rinse off. I also use the essential oils in a spray bottle same amount of drops for every cup of DISTILLED WATER. When my dogs get wet they smell like walking incense.


I forgot to mention everything I use is organic. I tried use non organic essential oils and they are just too week and just not worth the money.


Again ! Very expensive!! Some of us on fixed incomes just cannot afford to do that!! We can love and take care of our animals but I'm too poor to even take care of my service dog!! With shots, registration and food! A vet bill alone is $40 where I live, we can't even afford to eat all organic, much less buy essential oils and coconut oil! Life as it is NOW! The rich and the poor.

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