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I got a call to help a friend this morning thought I be gone a hour at the most didn't grab a hat I've have typical male pattern balding end up being gone 13hrs head sunburned like u wont believe, started checking out this website saw the mustard suggestion tried it, an it has completely taken away the pain with it at least 5mins. Never thought it would work, best an fastest relief I've ever had.

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LIES LIES!!!!! makes the burn sting and hurt worse soo i would not recommend this for anyone

Mary White

I have never had such a severe sunburn as I currently have. I was at BaySprings for 2 hours and my face, arms, chest, back, and legs are the color of a faded red shirt. The pain was unbearable, the heat was radiating from my body and I could NOT move. I have always used plain yellow mustard to sooth a kitchen burn (like the other day when I burned my arm on the stove) I have mustard in a sqeeze bottle in the fridge, I just squeezed a line over the burn and it stopped hurting! I rinsed it off after it dried. NO BLISTER! So.. Idea in my head and hubby armed with a big spoon and the jar of mustard.. we began! INSTANT relief! NO BURN! I let it dry, and maybe next time I won't do that, because it pinched a bit... I rinsed off in the shower. NO PAIN! I could sleep. I can now wear a shirt. NO BLISTERS! NO PEELING!!! TOLERABLE! Definately would do this and reccommend, but HIGHLY reccommend PREVENTING burns USE SUNSCREEN!!!!


Tried this instead of hot shower, which hurts like hell butworks, an it worked. I swear, i had the worst sun burn all over. I fell asleep on my blanket at the beach andbhad a sunburn EVERYWHERE since i rolled around and had bikini on. I couldnt wear anything except a sports bra and underwear i know my husband sure enjoyed ir except for the red... lol. So he bought three jars of mustard and it worked. Probably one of the most embaressing things ever though...

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