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Powdered sulphur is the best defense–if you and your friends can stand the smell
By far, the most effective and time-proven repellent for chiggers is sulphur. Chiggers hate sulphur and definitely avoid it. Powdered sulphur, called sublimed sulphur or flowers of sulfur, is available through most pharmacies. Dust the powdered sulphur around the opening of your pants, socks and boots. If you plan to venture into a heavily infested area, powdered sulphur can be rubbed over the skin on your legs, arms and waist. Some people rub on a mixture of half talcum powder and half sulphur.

But a word of warning: sulphur has a strong odor. The combination of sulfur and sweat will make you unpleasant company for anyone who has not had the same treatment. Sulphur is also irritating to the skin of some people. If you have not used sulphur before, try it on a small area of your skin first.

Some families have problems enjoying summer backyard activities because of chiggers. The most effective means to eliminate these chiggers is just remove the habitat favored by the adults and juveniles. Clearing away brush and weeds, keeping the grass cut close to the ground and removing conditions which attract small animals that can serve as hosts is the best way to get chiggers out of your yard. Chiggers seldom survive in areas that are well groomed.

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Samuel in Richmond

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