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stop reading . Go put 'cool minty listerine' on the area liberally. Yes it will sting for a few seconds.

Now that you are itch free.. can help the next poor soul.
Come back here and VOTE 10.. Some of the other solutions were dangerous and cost a lot more than a bottle of listerine.

There is no bug alive in there. That red dot was the bugs straw. It was drinking your skin.

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Not a cure but it helped ease the discomfort. Good advice!

King Itchy

I used the cheap version of listerine mint that says 'compared to Listerine'. Dabbed with a Q-tip on the chigger bites that i had for days and the itch went away.


I didn't have the Listerine, but instead used ACT - spearmint. Soaked cotton rounds with it and rubbed it everywhere it itched. I got almost instant relief. Waited about 15min between two applications. Now I think I can go to back to bed.


It's been 4 - 6 weeks of misery and my bite marks are increasing in number, so I'm inclined to think they're not gone...


Whoever you are, you are a life saver. Never had a more relieving feeling. TJank you very much.

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