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Ok I have read all of what you all had to say and wondered to myself when I got this how to cure it. Going to the Doctor to get it burned off was going to be very time cunsuming. So I decided to put some of your ideas to work.

I tried using apple cyder vinigar but wow this did hurt allot as they were infected at the time a bit. So why not use all your ideas and put them together into a past

I took aloe vera lotion and combined it with all the following. Apple cyder vinigar, t oil, vit E liquid and some asprin or 222 what ever I had on hand and crushed them. This made a liquid paste somewhat. I never followed a formula just mixed till I liked what I saw in jar. Then shook this very hard for a few minutes.

Ok it worked it did very slight burning sensation but cured the infection along with cleared it up completely that you can not tell I ever had it. I had the warts right between my right leg and my genitals. They are gone. Yes probably took a bit longer to cure as been a month at this with this formula and plus I have been on a diet and taking all sorts of vitamins from E, D, C and garlic pils and who knows what else. I just pumped myself as much as I saw fit.

I think it works for me anyways I could not see it was going to disappear by itself before I started this program I went on to cure the problem. No pain at all from this cure if used right.

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feeling better

Im really glad you found something that works for you I agree that sometimes the acv is a bit over bearing at times im having to leave myself for a few days and work on a different area because its too sore, but the results were worth it thanks on your post great job!

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