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Okay so both of my parents are a different race. My fathers africa. American while my moms white. So obviously my hair is thick but not at all like african american hair.

TIP: if you like to flat iron hair, theres nothing wrong with that but give your haor a break each week.

Also, dont wash hair everyday or else it will dry out.

Now if your like me and dont believe in getting hair cutts each month, stop.
It is seriously a huge help for hair. Your hair will constantly be healthy & will grow ten times faster. Its honestly commen sence

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Your hair doesn't grow any faster if you cut it, it grows from the roots not the ends, doing something to the ends has no effect over it's growth.

Cutting split ends will make your hair break less at the bottom, making it appear to be growing faster. Really it's not, you're just not losing what you already have.


Not true . i constantly cut my bangs and they always grow back very very fast . and thats the part of my hair that grows the fastest now .


how is that common sense? it's quite dumb actually.


Your hair does grow from the roots yes but split ends are like a virus. Even if they're all the way at the bottom the damage spreads upwards thus making it harder to grow. This is why it would be ideal to cut your split ends more often.


you spelled common wrong...


this is still really good advice though! :)


Actually your wrong trimming your hair gets rid of split ends which makes less hair fall


No one on here can spell correctly..

Common Sense
You're is the spelling for you are
your means you owning something.


i agree with you, when you trim your hair they become healthy and grow faster because trimmed hair receive all nutrition .


when you do NOT trim your hair you get split ends, split ends keep splitting upward making it seem as though your hair is not growing. you should TRIM your hair at least once every 2 months to remove split ends making it seem as though your hair is growing much faster.... and yes mayo and egg whites are very good for your hair as well as vitamin B and fish oil pills!!

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