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The problem comes from inside the body. You can apply topicals to soothe it and dry it up, but you need to get at the root cause. Yeast has been mentioned and eating yogurt. Why this helps is that it starts with the intestinal walls and the bacterial and tight cellular barriers that prevent alien proteins from leaking out of the gut. Yogurt helps restore that but take a potent probiotic capsule or tablet also. Yogurt does not have enough to restore good bacteria. Also try, and research by Googling, the problems gluten allergies and intolerances cause for the skin. Eczema is one of them. I have given up most grains, sometimes use gluten free products. But some gluten free products are overrefined, empty carbs and you do not need them. The body has a limited ability to process carbs before it eventually stores them as fat. Too many starchy carbs (which are just sugar when the body processes them) also help yeast overgrowth which another poster mentioned. I did this and have gotten rid of most of my widespread eczema. Just a tiny patch next to my right eyebrow now.

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Dear Sir,
I have eczema last 10 years. I only affected in fingers hands and foot. what can i do for this. I have taken ayurvadic, homeopathic, alopathic, unani, but some time relief after that it caught again. please advice me




I have to say thanks -I ate some yogurt-plain- Greek-
then applied some to my eczema on my palms- under my thumbs is where I have it and the bottom of my feet-
immediate relief--
it applies like a cream and dries nicely ..leaving a cool calming feeling to the inflamed area..
all I can say is I'm going to keep this up and see if it goes away
... fingers crossed as eczema is so painful..

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