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I used to eat chocolate every night , then decided to go on a health kick. My RLS has more than halved, now if i could only reduce the remaining half.
ps does anyone else sometimes get a tingling sensation in their toes? just wondering if this is part of my RLS or another issue, has only just started in the last couple of days.

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Restless in Wyoming

Yes, I have a tingling in my toes and often feel that if I just chop them all off with an ax maybe then i could get some sleep!! haha I too wonder if this is part of the restless leg syndrome. I also have itchy, tingly feet.


yes the tingling on your toes is RLS as well if you try to use the privic spray it will stop over a period of time


Yes I also have tingling in my toes. It's happening right now. Haven't been able to sleep for months. I am going to a sleep study this weekend. hope I find some help there. Iv'e been on trasadone and now Requip. I think the Requip is making it worse. Looking for a more natural cure

Restless in Philly

I think I'll try cutting out the caffiene completely! Just found this page tonight, taking notes. I need my sleep and this RLS is torture!!! Glad I'm not alone.


Hi, I too have the tingling in my toe(s). Left big toe. I was on antidepressnts for another condition for a few years and weened myself off a year ago. That's when I noticed the RLS kicked in. It hasn't stopped for a friggin year. Now it is bothering me all throughout the day too. Melatonin helps relax me at bedtime, making the RLS tolerable, but doesn't completely eliminate it. I am desperate for some daytime remedy. Suggestions?

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