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Hello Everyone,
Im so glad a site like this exsists. It really helps me feel like im not alone on this issue. It makes me so sad to hear some of your stories and how much pain some of you go thru. I havent tried any of the remidies yet but hope to soon. My first out break ( about a year and a half ago) was tame comapred to my second out break i had. Valtrex works wonders for me but i am running out of it and no longer have insurance to cover any additional pills. The last six months i have been getting ob after ob. I feel i am lucky tho as usually i do not get to itchy and as long as i dont touch the sores i dont seem to get any pain. Does any body have a remedy that will clear the sores up very quickly ( like 2-3 days)? unfortantly i do not get any pre-warning of an outbreak. i go to bed fine and wake up to usually 2-6 sores.

on a side note i did notice something differnt with my latest outbreak. about 2 days before my sores developed i got what would be best discribed as something that looked like a burn blister with a bright white top. ( i did end up poping them and a white liquid and what appeared to be a chunk of white infection came out. Once i poped it, it just healed back to its regular state and i re poped it. i did this about 3 times before it went away. these never turned into a herpies sore and neither were they located where mu ob occured. has anyone else experienced this? thanks for your time! and i hope everyone is able to find themselves a remedy that works.Stay strong and know your not alone when dealing with this.

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jj beacon

valtrex was too outrageously expensive for me, my doc put me on acyclovir, its the same thing but u take it twice a day and its cheap..without insurance im thinking it costed me like 30 bucks a month.

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