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i used to have yellow teeth they looked really bed, and i was only a freshmen in high school.. right now im 21.. my teeth are vibrant white, and its because i made this my daily habit:

1. Listerine Pre-Wash Whitening
2. Colgate Total Whitening Paste
3. Arm & Hammer Whitening Gel

**wash left to right and top to bottom:
- outer teeth
- outer gums
- inner teeth
- inner gums
- base of teeth(the biting part)
- tongue (dont leave any white it should look pink)

5. Listerine mouth wash

** mint Listerine works best

It works, less than 2 weeks you see the difference and u feel the difference from the first use

crest white strips work too as a booster the first 2 weeks... anfer that the process above will keep your teeth bright and at their best

i drink a lot of coffee, my teeth never stain!! use it correctly and it should work..

sometimes its hard to dedicate time and effort, but make it a daily habit and you will notice it will even make you want to be more organized with yourself.

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**Tooth Fairy**

This was very helpful, I am also 21 and suffered with the very same problem. When youre teeth are stained you lose all confidence, and socialising is a obstacle so I started to practice normal brushing, aqua floshing, and at a later stage regualar dentist visits seeing that I am sooo allergic to doctors and dentists and all that dentistry hahaha! It became pretty much easier. Just interesting to know theres someone out there who are suffering with a similar problem. high five for our White stainless teeth ** have a bright smily day ***


The arm and hammer gel is a great product!! I used it as indicate 2x a day and over time ..about 5 months as of now my teeth are sensitive and chipping.

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