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*Can Be Used On Cats and Dogs

- 8 tbs Borax
- 8 oz Hydrogen Peroxide
- 4 cups Warm Water
- Bucket
- Sponge

1. Mix borax with warm water
2. Add hydrogen Peroxide
3. Mix until completely dissolved

1. Apply to pet with sponge
2. Completely soak pet
3. Allow solution to dry

*Repeat every 2 days for 2 weeks; or as needed

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can i put this on the dogs face ears and around mouth.

Great Dane Mommy

we have two 7 month old great dane puppies and both have demodectic mange. One has it worse than the other. We took them to the vet a month ago and found out what it was and recieved medicine which helped a little bit. Once the medicine ran out it returned and worse than before. Now we have a $300 vet bill and no funds to take them back. So naturally we started searching far and wide for home remedies to help our little girls out. Today I gave them their first treatment and 30 minutes after they have dried I am already noticing a HUGE difference in the redness of their skin and some of the bumps are not as raised. One of the girls have it so bad on their face that her eye was swollen almost shut. After the treatment, the swelling has gone down to where she can open her eye and both are comfortable. This is gonna be a long road but I think we will continue with this treatment until its under control. Thank you so much for the remedy. I know our girls thank you for it as well :)


We have a Blue Heeler about 11 months old. Today my sister saw a couple of places on her chest with missing hair and scabs.(She is not an inside dog.) We also have 3 other dogs running with her. Should we also treat them for mange? Also, should I bathe her in the medicine mixture or just scrub her down with it?



i will try this mange treatment on my dog, i hope this treatment is the solution on my problem , i hate to my dog suffering.

i will post up on updates regarding my dogs. i pray to it will work


I have a three month German Shepard and his mange is very serious, I love my dog very well but do not have the money to take him to the vet.
I was wondering does this remedy hurt/burn the puppy in any way(he has open cuts from scratching).

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