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*Can Be Used On Cats and Dogs

- 8 tbs Borax
- 8 oz Hydrogen Peroxide
- 4 cups Warm Water
- Bucket
- Sponge

1. Mix borax with warm water
2. Add hydrogen Peroxide
3. Mix until completely dissolved

1. Apply to pet with sponge
2. Completely soak pet
3. Allow solution to dry

*Repeat every 2 days for 2 weeks; or as needed

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posted here I was trying this on my choc lab....2 weeks later I am happy to report after 3 baths with this borax/peroxide he is showing much improvement. He has stopped the constant chewing and crying. Try this on you dog for sure!

shawna stewart

boRx is in the laundry detergent section. just got some today and did the solution and put it on lola. we will see what happens.

Shaun Deans

I have a 75 lb Brittish Buldog and Mange has been an ongoing battle He is a rescue thats been a part of our family for 5 yrs ,since the day we got him we have fought this ,He has never infected our other dogs ,beagle and Jack Russell...He scratches and smells terrible all the time even 1 hour after bathing him he smells worse than before bathing ,we have had limited success with the vet ,
Almost like they just want me to keep bringing him back every couple of months so they can charge $185
and as i said limited relief...
So today im trying the Borax and Hydrogen peroxide solution i will def post my results

Shaun Deans

Day one 24hrs after Application of solution
Seems to have greatly helped with the itching ,It hasn't stopped but reduced by 70% Im not totally sure if the skin is starting to improve ,or if its just me seeing what i want to see 'Improvement'
Bacon (My Bull dogs name) seems to be in a better mood will apply again tomorrow and then again on friday for a total of three applications
will post results
Ps total cost Hydrogen Peroxide two 32oz bottles on sale wallgreens $2.00 Borax Publix $4.75


I started this treatment on my 6 month old puppy yesterday...mainly because it is all over the internet as a remedy for the mange and I don't have hundreds to spend at the vet, especially if I can try other things first. He has a ring of mange around his eye and a small patch on one foot. It looks MUCH better today. I decided to try a multi-pronged approach, so after bathing him with the borax/ peroxide solution, a few hours later when his coat was dry I also put mayonnaise the scaly part of his eye. I have also read that olive oil works, but I have the kind of mayonnaise that's made with olive oil so that's what I used. Of course, he licked it right off his paw but can't get to his eye, which is the worst spot. It looks SO MUCH BETTER today. I have also been adding apple cider vinegar to his food and giving him flax seed oil capsules, which is good for any dog's coat and is said to help the skin to heal once the mange mites are gone. I have actually been alternating the mayonnaise and aloe--straight from my plant--on his eye and foot. Because it's close to his actual eye ball, those are not going to hurt him if they get in his eye like the borax solution could, but still put that all over the rest of his body in case any mites are trying to travel. I would also like to let you all know, a few years ago I had a rescue dog with what I thought was a cut on his head. Turned out to be demodectic mange and the vet prescribed Goodwinol appointment, which cleared it up in a couple of weeks. Yesterday I was able to order some Goodwinol off for $10. It's not a natural rememdy but it did work and I was happy I could obtain it without a huge vet bill, so if these natural remedies don't knock it out completely, I have an inexpensive backup coming. If you decide to go that route, the 1 oz. container will suffice if your dog has only a couple of small patches, but if there are a lot them you may want the larger jar. It took a couple of weeks when I used it last, and I do have to say, my dog looks much better after just one day with the borax/peroxide plus AC vinegar, mayonnaise, aloe, and flax seed oil. I will post back and let you know how he does. Good luck to anyone dealing with this!


Borax on the skin is a terrible idea!Remember that anything applied to the skin is ABSORBED into the system and will affect the liver and kidneys! Borax and peroxide may appear to work on the skin but the internal damage is defeating all you are working toward. So, if it will hurt the liver and kidneys then it is a BAD idea. A light VINEGAR:water solution alone applied three times a day would help andnot hurt your pet.


My 4month old chihuahua mix has large round spots around his nose and mouth and on his paws. His mother seems to be gettin the same thing. Could it be mange?? At first I thought they were fire ant bites, but once I saw his mom with the samething, I started to worry. I will this borax solution to see how it works.


Hi, I read this solution here, so i tried finding Hydrogen peroxide, which i got from the Medical shop, but no body here sells Borax powder, i looked everywhere for it, even in the nearby cities i checked but that powder is no longer available(somehow it is banned here nd in nearby cities), instead a pharmacist suggested me to use Microbicidal Sprinkling Powder as a replacement of Borax powder, i want to know whether it would be safe to use this Microbicidal Sprinkling Powder a s mixture with Hydrogen Peroxide instead of Borax powder,I hope it will not cause any reactions, please help me some one....


I used a version of this recipe... I added Borax until it was completely saturated in the water. First,I bathed Dooley (eng. bulldog) with a medicated shampoo, pulling off any scabs... and then did the borax/peroxide dip. Once a week for three applications....Wish you could see the difference... Hair has grown back. Looks great.


can you use this borax treatment on kittens also?????? we picked up a stray kitten, but found out that he has Sarcoptic Mange. the vet is too expensive, cant afford it. I have 4 kids and dont want them to be all itchy, but they want to keep him so I want to know if its safe for kittens? all comments are regarding dogs....

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