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*Can Be Used On Cats and Dogs

- 8 tbs Borax
- 8 oz Hydrogen Peroxide
- 4 cups Warm Water
- Bucket
- Sponge

1. Mix borax with warm water
2. Add hydrogen Peroxide
3. Mix until completely dissolved

1. Apply to pet with sponge
2. Completely soak pet
3. Allow solution to dry

*Repeat every 2 days for 2 weeks; or as needed

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JR. To answer your question use regular brown bottle peroxide. I never new there was a 'strenth'. The perxide acts like 'oxy bubbles' and helps the diluted borax get in the skin of your dog, since thats where the parasites live.


I've got an 11 month old black lab who developed signs of mange approximately 2 months ago. I'm unsure whether it's sarcoptic or demodectic. We've tried the Happy Jack mange treatment for sarcoptic mange, but we had to shave him down to practically bare skin first. He looked very strange and almost vulnerable. People were afraid to come in contact with him due to his strange, shameful appearance. We've done the Happy Jack's treatment for 3 weeks now, shaving him once per week prior to the treatment each time. There was virtually no response. As a matter of fact, it was getting worse. He was scratching constantly, bleeding in many spots, with dry, flaky skin, his ears were raw and bumpy and he was constantly shaking his head. His foot has recently began to bother him to the point where he can hardly stand on it. And the smell was unbearable! It's a horrible condition to watch an animal suffer with. I was sickened by the amount of dander he was producing and, as a last resort (due to a lack of money for a vet visit), I visited this website and found the peroxide (2 cups)/borax (8tbsp)/water (4 cups) recipe. I tried it on him last night, carefully following all recommendations (bathe first, do not towel dry, apply to feet and in skin folds) and today, only 16 hours later, he seems to be more at ease. He has hardly scratched and he's been sleeping like a baby all day. He does still produce a small amount of dander, which I will likely attempt to counter using oil to suffocate any remaining mites. I applied the dry borax powder in the carpets and on the furniture and vacuumed off, since it was suggested that the Borax powder kills small insects such as ants. I'll be washing all bed clothes with the borax laundry booster and I'll be using a borax solution on my hard floors also. How can Borax be harmful when we use it on our clothes, which we wear directly on our skin? I'll be reapplying the treatment every 3 days or so and I'll post an update in a week or so. Hopefully it helps. It definately seems promising thus far. Thank you all for your suggestions.


is the hydrogen peroxide in a powder form? as i can only find liquid!


my frenchie had mange pretty bad..took her to the vet and got the shampoo and 4 weeks of antibiotics. I was desperate and read this site about the borax and peroxide. I also added turmeric and zinc to her food. Not even 2 weeks and almost back to normal..a huge improvement. I am so thankful.

bear bear

I have a 110lb germen shep. He is our baby an some how he has gotten the mange. I have tryed just about every thing an this sounds like it really works. I will repost an let you know.

bear bear

Will we just gave bear his bath an put this dip on him an he is very itchy now. more than ever. we r going to give it a day an I'm going to rub baby oil on him when he drys a little more. I just hope this works he is so miserable.

Mason Barge

My dachshund came back from a hike in the woods and a few days later developed white scale on his chest. I suspect it was some sort of mange. I was amazed that this actually worked and did not cause him any discomfort.

Unfortunately now, several months later, it has returned on several spots on his back. I'm going to try it again before we go to the vet.


Tried this today for the first time on my 100 pound chocolate lab. He is in agony with the itching. Easy enough to do, gave him a bone to chew right after to keep him busy and not gnawing at himself. Thanks a ton for the borax/peroxide directions.

jennifer green

got a new boxer puppy. discovered she had not received any of her shots. so i bought them from the feed store and got her caught up. i started seeing bumps in her ears, red bumps, and she was itching her ears alot. so I assumbed it was ear mites and started treating her. then I was using a flea treatment for preventative of fleas. next thing I see, my pup gets a small spot. she started with hair loss and bumps on her cheeks and it just spread basically.she scratched but not like crazy. then another spot and another. so she has several spots that are bald !! she scratches here and there. she has no fleas !! I am thinking it could be mange. so my question would be... how so i clean my couch and charis? and my bed ?! this pup is spoiled and she sleeps every where !! and then how long do i keep doing treatment?


I've tried every shampoo and spend good money on them. I tried natural reciepes like this one and had no success. I finally just talked to my vet. They have a new study that came out, that is not on the internet, vericide. It is injected orally once a day for 5 days then skip 2 days. This is working. I should have just gone to my vet in the first place instead of wasting my money on the expensive shampoos. Although I should caution this is a anti-parasitic that is originally designed for cattle but recent studies prove successful for the treatment of mange. Caution should be used in collie and shelties. They tend to be sensative to these treatments.

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