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*Can Be Used On Cats and Dogs

- 8 tbs Borax
- 8 oz Hydrogen Peroxide
- 4 cups Warm Water
- Bucket
- Sponge

1. Mix borax with warm water
2. Add hydrogen Peroxide
3. Mix until completely dissolved

1. Apply to pet with sponge
2. Completely soak pet
3. Allow solution to dry

*Repeat every 2 days for 2 weeks; or as needed

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Angela from Orlando

My poor dog has had mange in the past, she contracted it from her mother. We have been paying for Mitaban dips at $55 each and have done about 12 of them. They worked but were costly and can a bit harsh on the dog. She's been fine for about 6 months when all the sudden she went from being fine to looking like she had bubble wrap under her skin within hours. I found this borax recommendation and went to the store. It is now 5:52 PM and I put the wash on her at 2:30 PM, her redness is already gone and she have maybe 10 small bumps on her still. This has done wonders and was so inexpensive. I am very hopeful this will continue to prove to be successful with her. Thank you so much for this information.


how long do you keep it on for after it drys???


Here's what eHow says about the treatment and how long to leave it on the fur:

The borax mange treatment is made by filling a five-gallon bucket with warm water and then adding borax laundry booster until full saturation is achieved. This means when borax is added to the water, rather than dissolving, it sinks to the bottom of the bucket. A 200 milliliter bottle of three percent hydrogen peroxide is then added to the solution. Additionally, a thick paste is made in a separate bowl by combining borax powder and hydrogen in a small bowl and stirring with a fork until smooth.

Once the dog has been given a bath with a medicated shampoo, thoroughly rinsed and towel dried, the borax solution is applied with a large sponge. All parts of the dog must be well doused in the solution, particularly the areas between the toes and in any skin folds. Once the dog has been soaked in borax solution several times, the paste is rubbed into the fur. The chemicals are not rinsed or dried off, and borax treated fur is allowed to dry naturally.

The same saturated borax solution is then used to clean the floors of the home. Additionally, any dog toys or bedding are then washed in hot water using strong laundry detergent and borax laundry booster and then dried in an electric dryer to prevent re-infestation by the mites.

The borax in the solution is toxic to the living mites. The hydrogen peroxide causes pores of the skin to open up allowing the borax to penetrate the skin, destroying any eggs which have been laid beneath the dermis. To complete rid the dog of mange, the treatment may need to be applied once a week for a period of up to two months, as a number of eggs will be buried too far beneath the surface to be affected by the medication. Under these circumstances, you will have no choice but to wait for them to hatch and kill them as adults.

It is important that consumers do not confuse borax with boric acid. While borax is relatively harmless to use on pets, boric acid is toxic. One cannot be safely used in place of the other. Also, when using any type of mange treatment it is best to be prepared for recurrences as certain breeds of dogs are genetically predispositioned to developing mange. Borax treatment can be fully successful, but it will take time.

Read more: Borax Treatment for Mange | eHow


Ok. My mom pekingnese has the mange. I looked up this self cure. Hope it works. I will let you know how it goes. Today was the first application. I just wanted to note also. On or your vet, you can also order Revolution which also acts as a prevention for mange parasites, heartworm, and flea generations.


Borax can be found in target with the bleaches. i paid 2.99 and the peroxide for a 32oz bottle was .89 cents same place


Ok. Its been about 18 hours. I am impatient so, just bare with me. My Pekingnese has stop itching alot except where it was really bothering her which is on the rear.(It calmed alot though.) I should have concentrated on that spot a little more. She slept better last night. I will resoak her tomorrow and give an update.Please note, just to be careful use a cottonball around the nose and eyes for precaution


Ok. My Pekingnese started itching again yesterday evening, in all the spots same as before. I gave her second sponge down with the peroxide mix today. I let her air dry in the house because its too cold outside. She stopped itching so, hmmmm. I can only think that my neighbor had a terrior and it had sore spots down his back. She never took it to the vet, never cured what he had, but decided to let him go somewhere in the country. It was suppose to be a family secret but the daughter told my daughter and you know how that went. Anyways my female Peke kept escaping under the fence to their yard. I believe this is where she picked it up because my male Peke and baby Peke don't have it. Anyways this is her second dip and I am really thinking that I'd like to give my neighbor this mange. Just an FYI I heard about a shot called Ivermecin. I'm going to see if I can get this from the Tractor Supply/Feed Store. Let you know how that goes.


OK OK OK. Do not give your dog Ivermecin. It could kill your dog. Consult with a vet!!!!!! If you don't know if your dog has heartworms or not, right now is not the time to find out.DO NOT USE IVERMECIN.


I would like to know what strength hydrogen peroxide is used in this treatment, & quantities of ingredients before embarking on this treatment, thank you.


Sorry for those who were following my posts. Today is Wednesdey, the third treatement of the Borax/Peroxide solution (one day late). I was able too, last Friday, pinch my dogs hair and it would follow out. I am proud to say that, that is no longer happening. I catch my Pekingnese scratching every once in between treatments because those parasites are dying. Almost like spraying a bug with raid and its on its last fight. This is fabulous. Although my other Pekingnese have not been scratching, I have been washing them with Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Shampoo and conditioner (Espree Brand found at Pet Co) for prevention. Oh, let me tell you. Before I would sponge my little girl with solution I would wash her with the shampoo (no conditioner). FYI on the Tea tree oil and Aloe, parasites don't like this stuff either.

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