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i got a really bad stomach ache/nausea a few minutes ago... anyway i chugged half a bottle of sparkling water and ate about half a bag of salted crackers
it really eased the pain i really hope this helps someone out there i know what its like to have stomach pain and i dont know about everyone else but it makes me a lot more miserable than when somewhere else in my body hurts:(
please leave a comment if it helps!!!
by the way if u don't have sparkling water available u could always water and baking soda... doesn't taste great but it works just the same:D

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Hey interestiing remedie
this is from one of your friends someone u no check the name at the bottom:D


Hope this works cuz i been up since 5am on the pot.. Omg this sucks.. My tummy feels like its dry heaving but the other way around :(


worked for me, seriously thank you so much.




My tummie has been hurting since 6 in the morning! I hope this works!!!!!


One really good trick for me is getting a towel and putting some rubbing alcohol on it. Then, leave it on your stomach for 20 minutes. I lay down and do homework or watch a movie while doing this. It helps especially after you vomited.

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