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I had angular cheilitis for pretty much a month straight. I thought it was the heat and the dry air and maybe the sun too, but regardless, it just wouldn't go away even when I put chapstick on all the time. I didn't even know that I had angular cheilitis until I googled my symptoms because they just wouldn't subside.

Mine wasn't so bad, I got the cuts in the corners of my lips that were irritating to me but there weren't any blisters or sores. My lips got inflamed and swollen. It looked sort of like I had collagen injected.

Anyway, I tried blistex but it made my lips feel better but didn't heal the problem. The corners would re-crack almost every morning. I read that this is usually caused by bacteria or fungus, so I thought if I could heal the cracks I could prevent the infection from continuing to go inside my body. I assumed that any infection I had still inside my lips could be fought off if I kept my immune system strong. It worked. This is what I did:

1. I took B complex vitamins (I heard it could be a deficiency of B vitamins, I already take a multi)

2. I put polysporin (triple antibiotic ointment) on the corners of my lips. I made sure it was covering the cracks and went to bed with that on. If I woke up in the night I put on more and made sure the ointment sealed the crack, so there was no part of it exposed to the air.

3. I put hydrocortisone (1%) on the rest of my lips at night, to reduce the inflammation and sooth. It also dried up the dead skin on my lips which I could scrape off in the morning. During the day, I alternated polysporin and hydrocortisone on the corners of my lips to cover the cracks, and moisturize so the corners couldn't re-crack.

4. I put blistex on when my lips felt dry.

I started this Friday night, and was cured by Sunday morning. What a relief after dealing with this for so long!

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