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Spoon full of vinegar that's it, it reliefs the pain and helps alot.

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I had a teaspoon of vinegar and it eased my throat for a long time :)


I just did that and i puked ..):

Ebony Stephens

it works great


Its was great and it really eased my throat. At first it was buring and felt horrible but it helped SO MUCH


OMG this realy did work :) thank you


Can you use distilled white vinegar?

Disgruntled man!

Deffinitely not white vinegar. It burned going down the hatch, tasted like crap, and now im tasting it with every burp, really stinky breath, as well as a sore throat if not worse of one..... DONT DO IT. NOT WORTH IT....... Now im going off to try gargling mouthwash to get rid of the smell...


This worked rather well. It will burn at first but it feels much better afterward. I suggest black chinking vinegar though, because it tastes better than white vinegar.

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