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Im 14 years old and had a mild case of swimmers ear. I later that day went to a rock concert thinking that it might have just been stress related. This morning (the next day) i woke up with a huge ear ache! I couldnt even hear out of my left ear! I tried vineger and it helped for a while but wasn't as long as i would like. I tried Hydrogen Peroxide and that cleaned the infection but it still hurt like crazy. then i tried the steam thing i read and instant relief of pain!!!! it may still be clogged but it helped with the pain. First take a glass or a mug and fill the bottum about an inch or so with warm water than damp a washcloth with warm water and push it down into the glass. put in the microwave for 30 seconds and hold to ear as long as desiered. after you feel fine or the steam gets to hot or too much presure remove it from your ear and repeat later. it helped so much!!!!!

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Patricia Garton

Dear swimmer's ear,
My daughter came home from the ER-ear infection. She had 2 doses of pain ear drops & pain was getting worse. I
tried your wet washcloth & the pain was gone! Instant relief! MANY THANKS!!!
Sincerely yours,


It worked with my ear infection too. Thank you so much. Eased the pain.

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