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Hi- I had a bottom molar with and old root canal abcess. I had just replaced the crown a month ago. The old crown was about 7 years old and had broken so I think this was a result of trauma. Vicodin was not touching the pain. I woke up at 2 am and was crying like a little girl from the pain and pressure. I didn't see an abcess, but I sure felt pain. After visiting this sight, I took two Ibuprofin 800's and two Ex Strength Tylenol. Then I warmed enough water to soak a tea bag then placed it next to the tooth at issue. Then I filled a bag of ice and placed it on my cheek. I finally fell back to sleep and when I woke up, there was an abcess. I threw on some surgical gloves, rubbed the gums with ora-gel and when they were numb, I pierced the abcess with a sterile syringe. Pus then blood came out and by the end of the day I was able to touch the tooth without feeling like my head was going to blow it's top off. I continued using a tea bag, taking the pill combo, using ice and ora-jel and draining the abcess when there was build up. I felt about 50% better after excising the abcess. I see the dentist tomorrow at noon, thank God! I have never experienced pain like this and will do whatever it takes to prevent a recurrence! Hope this helps someone. Good Luck!

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not bad


Thanks raj- Today I can almost chew on the tooth! Draining the abcess made such a difference. All the DDS did was drain some more, x-ray to check for fractured tooth, gave me an rx for anti-biotics and a referral to an Endo. Try my suggestion. The abcess continues to drain and I feel like a new woman today!


Thanks for your advice on an abcess tooth.
omg thats what im going thru right now/ your right the pain is awful and i woke up crying from the pain. I did go to the er lastnight they gave me antibotic and vcodin and im taking aleve and nothing seems to help. its my upper molar it has a filling in it and is an old one. I call my dentist tomorrow, i just done the tea bags and an ice pack but not the draining i dont have a syringe. the abcess isnt raised to a bubble yet but started to yesterday.

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