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To keep my skin at its' best, I wash my face with oatmeal in place of cleanser. This works like a miracle on my skin, but everyone's skin is different, so different people might get different results. So just clutch a small handful of natural, rolled oats and run your hand under lukewarm water to soften the oatmeal. Squeeze the extra water out (I like to put it on my face) and scrub your face gently w/ the oatmeal for awhile. Then, rinse it w/ cold water and pat your face dry. This makes my skin clean, soft, smooth, less oily, and just awesome while gently exfoliating and moisturizing.

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Omg, I tried this and it was AWESOME! My skin felt softer than it ever has and my skin wasn't irritated at all afterwards, even though i have sensitive skin! My skin was also glowing and radiant! This remedy is so cool!


I tried this and it was gud... and my skin was softer and was not dry for whole day... but I like kind of scrub which will have small pieces in it so it scrubs my skin very well... anyone suggest something

Thalia Galarza

Hi this s Thalia what kind of moisture name after wash oat face ??


should u cook and cool the oats first

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