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Anything with Tea Tree Oil works great, but when using pure tea tree oil, you MUST dilute it. It can irritate your pets skin, and can harm your pet as well, if used full strength. I have found a product in the ethnic hair care section of a local store that works great- Hollywood Beauty tea Tree Oil Skin and Scalp Treatment. It cost about $3 for a 2 oz bottle. It kills the fleas on contact, and if you just treat one area, you can see for yourself that fleas don't like it. They won't go near the treated area!
I and many of my animal loving friends have also found that Avon's Original Skin So Soft bath oil works great. I even know horse breeders and trainers that use it to keep flies and knats off of the horses. Use caution with both products- avoid getting in eyes, nose, mouth.

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Tea tree oil is not safe for cats, no matter how much it is diluated! Please add this to the article.


Been using Melalucca which is tea tree for 3 weeks. Fleas love the stuff makes them breed twice as fast!!!


How do you dilute it? I have been trying several sites to figure out the amount to use & exactly what to dilute it with. Everyone seems to have a different answer!


Just try skin so soft and it kill the fleas, but soon they dry the fleas get right back on them.


Hello.. I want to try the Avon Original skin so soft bath oil. but you dont give any direccions on how to use it... so please can you tell me how to use it? Thanks :)


I was wondering the same thing on the tea tree oil how much do you dilute it.. what do you dilute it with and.. do you spray it all over the dog or just place it in a ceratin spot..... and just a little FYI I use to have to big dogs and live on a horse farm.. we always had problems with fleas we were told by a vet many years ago to use the Borax laundry detergent..and to sprinkle it on the carpet but near the base boards then take a broom and (sweep, push etc) it into the area where the carpet meets the base boards.... we did it and did not have any problems with fleas....


Tea tree oil,I read is toxic and causes renal failure..


Do you have to dilute the hollywood beauty tea tree oil or you can use it full strength ?


Hollywood beauty Tea tree oil is already mostly olive oil, no need to dilute. I believe you put about 10 drops of 100% tea tree oil in a bottle of shampoo, or you can mix it with olive oil, coconut oil, ect, you want to cut it to about 5% unless you plan to shampoo it off, full strength can be toxic if not washed.


Hopefully since it is mostly olive oil my dog will not get sick for consuming a 2 Oz bottle. Watching for signs & symptoms. Also feeding chex mix to absorb poison.

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