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For over 30 years I had chronic nasal congestion. Nothing helped except OTC nasal decongestant sprays and prescribed corticosteroid spray. Four years ago I began taking gin-soaked golden raisins for arthritis. They didn't cure the arthritis, but my nasal congestion disappeared after a few months, not to return. There are several recipes on the internet for the raisins. I let the vapors enter my nasal passages while chewing the raisins and exhaling through my nose. I don't overdo it. Best wishes.

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OK, so you get a buzz from the raisins and forget about any nasal congestion.


bet your happy


This is Martha again. I am perfectly serious about this remedy. Gin contains juniper berries, which are known to be medicinal. This may be the reason the raisins work.


I think I'll forget about the raisins and just go with the gin... :-D


Martha, please help. I would like to try your remedy as I have chronic nasal congestion for years now. Fully closed or partially closed nose.

I understand the gin soaking of gold raising but what do you inhale? Do you steam it or what? Please elaborate as I want to try this!

Thank you!


While juniper berries are medicinal when prepared properly without alcohol, gin is alcohol. All alcohol is toxic to your liver and brain. Gin is not a vitamin. You are better off drinking hot water and eating fresh fruit. Feed nutrients into your body, Not poison.


The golden raisins in gin is an old time remedy for arthritis. You're supposed to eat 9 of the gin-soaked raisins a day for arthritis. Why it works, no one is absolutely sure, but it does. If it also works for sinus congestion, that's great. I plan on trying it myself for a backup sinus remedy. The small amount of alcohol that is consumed from the gin-soaked raisins is very unlikely to cause any lasting damage to your brain or liver, unless your liver is already toxic or failing.

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